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Behind the Science

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Behind the Science [Final cut 2012]
30 April, 2012
Behind the Science [Final cut 2012]

“Behind the Science” began with an intuition of Elena Cattaneo. She had been involved in my first documentary film, “Salamander - Cells of Hope”, in which I tried to capture the real life of her research laboratory. I spent 2 months filming silently, as a “fly on the wall”, every single moment of everyday life in her laboratory and talking with young researchers. It did not have to be a classical scientific documentary, but a social documentary on research. Elena liked the idea of an "experimental" film. So a few weeks after the presentation of the film at “Vedere la Scienza Festival” in Milan, she asked me if a different experiment was possible: making a documentary film on the aspects, steps and goals of creating and maintaining a large international research consortium. The idea was to show that being accountable, having a good management, training young scientists to communicate, and communicating to the public are important aspects of everyday life of a scientist. We tried to make visible how tightly connected science and management are, and how important it is that scientists pay attention to management, administration and communication in order to increase the impact of science in our society. This transformation of the scientist into a scientist-manager is an opportunity to develop further resources that can increase citizens’ participation in science. We hope our film will tell those stories. Enjoy the film!

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