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Brunangelo Falini

Personal Information     
Date of Birth:    08/05/1951
City, State/Province, Country of Birth:    Perugia, Italy
Citizenship(s):    Italian
Language(s):    Italian, English

Date    Degree    Institution    Subject
1988    Specialist in Internal Medicine    University of Perugia, Italy   
1976    M.D. Summa Cum Laude    University of Perugia, Italy   

Dates    Title    Organization    City, State/Province    Country
2001    Full Professor of Hematology    University of Perugia    Perugia    Italy
1992-2000    Associate Professor of Hematology    University of Perugia    Perugia    Italy
1990-Present    Head, Hematopathology Section    University of Perugia, Institute of Hematology    Perugia    Italy
1989-1990    Visiting Professor, Dept. Pathology    Free University of Berlin    Berlin    Germany
1982-1984    Research Fellow, Dept. Hematology    John Radcliffe Hospital    Oxford    England
1980-1981    Research Fellow, Dept. Pathology    University of Southern California    Los Angeles    United States
1976-1979    Intern, Institute of Internal Medicine    University of Perugia    Perugia    Italy

Date    Name    Description
1998-Present    Member    European Bone Marrow Working Group
1997-2000    Member, Scientific Committee    Italian Association for Cancer Research
1997    Member, Clinical Advisory Committee    WHO Classification of Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Tumors
1992-Present    Member    International Lymphoma Study Group
1982-1984    Fellow    Leukemia Research Fund
1980-1981    Fellow    NATO

Dates    Organization    Position
2000-Present    Italian Society of ExperimentalHematology    Vice President
1998-Present    European Bone Marrow Working Group    Member
1992-Present    International Lymphoma Study Group    Member
1980-Present    Italian Society of Hematology    Member

Research Interests          
Field of Expertise &
Research Interests:    Classification and imunohistochemistry of lymphomas, ALK-positive anaplastic large cell lymphomas, immunotherapy of Hodgkin's disease, generation of monoclonal antibodies against proteins associated to genetic lesions (PML, BCL6, MUM1/IRF4, ALK, NPM, MLF1, IRTA1) and use for the study of leukemias and lymphomas.