Saturday's Scientific Conversations (SSC) on "Philosophy, science, technology, and fuzzy logic"


Perhaps some people think that philosophical, scientific, and technological knowledge is stored in thick books and complex articles or conference papers,but this is half of the truth.
Science is also deeply related to conversation, discussion, and debate. Not only the ancient Greeks, but also the modern scientists used to discuss on these subjects and either orally, or by letter. There is a great tradition on conversations in the histories of Philosophy, Science, and Technology. With the intensive event "Saturday's Scientific Conversations", the European Centre for Soft Computing would like to continue with this tradition by discussing subjects related to current XXI Century's problems in the fields of Philosophy, Science, and Technology.CALL FOR Saturday's Scientific Conversations (SSC) on "PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, AND FUZZY LOGIC".


Centro Cultural 'Muralla Romana'
Subida de la Colegiata
33201 Gijón , AS
Asturias ES
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